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Download AVG 2019 The most powerful antivirus

AVG 2019 FeaturesThe program has a number of features ..
Zen propertyWhich allows you to run more than one free antivirus program, as one of the problems facing many users is that the programs used depend on themselves and do not allow the presence of more than one program, which automatically disables them, but the AVG 2019 allows to open more than a program.


Program screenThe program has the same features as the old versions, the color and the buttons, and you can easily learn them, which allows you to easily scan your device, in addition to the e-mail button, which ensures continuous checking of the emails coming to you and remove and delete Harmful ones, and remove spyware.
Photo scanIn this feature, the program scans every part of your computer and gets rid of all viruses. It is done twice, the first time lasts for one hour, the second time may take longer depending on the size of your files.
Blocking malwareThe program removes and removes malicious programs that hinder the work of a large computer, and prevents the installation and may send you a report, and the program will eliminate Trojans and files infected by your computer because of access to social networking sites.
The program contains more than 20 languages ​​including Arabic, easy to use and small in size.The program is also equipped with a firewall to protect against hackers and hackers hacking attempts, and it updates itself automatically by connecting to the Internet.Features of the program It works on all types of windows in your computer, which is easy to use.

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