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Download Google Earth 2019 and travel around the world

Download Google Earth 2019 of the basics programs that you need in your device is one of the most powerful programs that enable you to discover all over the world in detail, and you can see any place you want through the program, the program also provides several languages, including Arabic, which enables you to know parts of the ball And it is easy for the person to deal with it and displays the buildings and places in three-dimensional, and allows you to download many sites on the Internet to download a copy of the program is free, and we will tell you through the following report of the most important features of this program.

Google earth featuresThere are many advantages to this program made it one of the most important discovery programs, and from these features that it is compatible with all hardware systems, from Windows 98, Windows Ships, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista, but must work on modern systems because Microsoft announced that it does not support For new systems. The program also works with Android and iPhone systems, which is suitable for mobile phones of any kind. The program does not need high speed Internet is working with low speeds, and it contains a large number of languages, including Arabic. The program also contains many historical and archaeological areas and allows you to examine them in detail, and the program Google Earth 2019 is easy and simple and can be handled, and is small in size does not take advantage of a large area of ​​the device, nor does it slow down the device.Travel around the world without transmissionGoogle Earth 2019 lets you travel around the world and you're in your place and explore the amazing 3D satellite imagery that lets you live in these cities. Visit Germany, Russia and India. You can see landscapes like desert, mountains and seas, Google Earth 2019 allows you to navigate from one country to another and see major cities around the world. With the tools and controls, you can bookmark and share with friends. Historical and archaeological sites in the world pain

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