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Download avast 2019 and its powerful anti - virus and firewall

Anti-virus software vendors are updating their software, such as Avast 2019, which is a leader in the field, updating the database permanently to identify and resist new viruses.So there is no wonder in the popular popularity of this program, as there are more than 250 million people this program around the world, and allows you to download the latest version of the program and try it free for 30 days, then you will have to buy the program or registration serial number , And we will inform you in the following report of the advantages and disadvantages of the 2019 avast program.

Avast 2019 featuresThe 2019 avast features a number of features that make it unique among programs. It is the Boot Scan feature during boot. It is a feature that scans your computer during boot. This allows you to remove viruses from Windows files if they are infected, unlike the scan inside Windows. You can check Windows files.In addition to the creation of a loading disk to save the programs on the device, and allows avast 2019 remove viruses and threats from extraneous devices, such as flash and cylinders, and the program examines the files that are downloaded from the Internet through the use of programs such as participation program torrent, Check the links you access as you browse the Internet.It also repairs files infected with viruses or those that have been damaged and returned to nature without deleting or destroying them as most programs do.Avast AntiVirus 2019 Avast SoftwareDespite the advantages of Avast 2019, it has a number of disadvantages that you should know before you try the program, including that it is slow in the process of deep examination, especially if the existing data may need a check may continue for hours.In addition, the program contains a lot of annoying windows and upgrade suggestions and may cause you to reject the program, as well as the inability of the program to examine files encrypted with passwords.

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