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Download Kaspersky 2019 features and disadvantages

Kaspersky 2019 is one of the most powerful anti-virus programs. It is called the Russian giant. It has many international and international awards in combating and removing viruses and threats that may infect your computer, and it does not consume the power of your computer. So it does not slow down your operations on your laptop, and you will not need other programs as long as you use Kaspersky Sky, and the company's website offers a free trial for 30 days, then you must register or buy the program.

The Kaspersky 2019

Kaspersky 2019 is the latest version of the program, which through the site of the company to download all types of viruses issued during the past years, and can detect and eliminate easily. The program also features other programs that, during financial transactions through the Internet, the program opens a fake keyboard to help protect information about your bank accounts. Kaspersky 2019 can detect phishing pages created to steal your accounts on social networking sites. The program also offers parents the ability to control the pages that children can access, prevent access to pornographic sites, or block photos or videos that are not good. Kaspersky 2019 also has the ability to prevent other programs on your computer from using the Internet, which saves your consumption of the Internet, especially if you use private Internet lines. Other anti-virus programs remove viruses by deleting infected files, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus removes viruses without damaging files on your device.
Disadvantages of the Kaspersky 2019

Kaspersky 2019 is designed to work with the Windows web browser, but it can be difficult to use with other browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Despite the advantages of Kaspersky 2019, its most flawed is that it occupies a large amount of temporary device memory, and there is no version that supports the Windows 10 version.

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