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Download Norton 2019 and its new features

Download Norton 2019 is one of the most important anti-virus programs used to protect your device, and has many names such as NAV, Norton and Norton Antivirus, have a strong impact in the elimination and removal of viruses from laptops. Norton software is one of the oldest programs used to protect the devices and the company's website allows you to experience Norton 2019 for a month, so that the user can know the advantages of the program and then asked you to register or buy the program.

Requirements for the work of Norton 2019One of the advantages of Norton 2019 is that it can work on any type of Windows from XP, Windows 98, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, in addition to the ability to work on mobile phones and Android systems and iPhone.
Norton Internet SecurityThe Norton 2019 program has no need to activate or registry keys, which makes it a distinctive program and easy to deal with. The program also provides several methods of checking, namely quick scan, scan and custom scan as you want, and the program protects the Internet browsers from Viruses or any threats quickly, and scans the pages visited by the user, to ensure that they are safe, and does not carry any threats. The program also automatically updates itself by developing its data on the parent company's website. It also imposes complete protection on the computer or laptop when introducing foreign devices such as flash drives or CDs. It performs quick data checking to ensure that it is free from threats. The program consists of several layers of security with a high security system, which works to fill any problem or gap that may be exploited by the hacker to infiltrate or manipulate the system, and protects the Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and others.
Disadvantages of norton 2019Despite the many advantages of the Norton 2019 program, it has one drawback, which is that it causes the device to slow down, because its operation requires the availability of medium random memory capacity and the availability of a processor. When these specifications are available, the software will work well.

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